Investment Banking | The Introdution of MBF
Mega Business Fund project is recognized and honored by Asia Pacific Bankers Congress (APBC) as the winner of “SME Financing Product Awards,2004”, a developing and improving credit facility and scheme to meet the business financing needs of small and medium enterprises (SME) .
Mega Business Fund is a special purpose, bankruptcy remote and independent company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Cayman Islands for the sole purpose of acquiring a portfolio of ECBs and related transactions. Mega Business Fund One Limited successfully completed the issuance of US$ 160 million securities on April 15, 2003, and Mega Business Fund (Taiwan)II Limited completed the issuance of US$ 135 million securities on December 11, 2003. Each Mega Business Fund is held on trust by a Cayman Islands trustee corporation.
Mega Business Fund is a unique financing and special purpose vehicle , investing in baskets of the Euro Convertible Bonds issued by Taiwan's mid-size listed companies to provide them with financing terms comparable to those achieved only by large-scale companies. The securities issued from MBF are listed in Channel Islands Stock Exchange . Moreover, the service provided by the Portfolio Manager also bring the advantage of “After Sale Services” for ECB issuers as well as securities' investors.
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