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Social Responsibility

In addition to strengthening the operation, the Bank, adhering to the concept of “Contributing to Society”, actively participated in various social public welfare activities, and set up the International Commercial Bank of China Cultural and Educational Foundation (now renamed Mega Bank C&E Foundation) as a financial group with NTD200 million in 1992 to handle various public welfare activities with its yields. From 2006 to 2018, a total of NTD144.7 million was donated to facilitate the operation of the Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to engage in cultural, educational and public welfare undertakings and care for social education of the disadvantaged. In 2018, the Bank participated in sponsoring various activities, including education, sports, arts and culture, and public welfare.

The related marketing and advertisements of the previous sponsorship activities all listed the Bank as the sponsor, which has significant benefits for the Bank's overall image promotion and academic and cultural contribution, and also helps to create intangible value for the Bank’s shareholders. Therefore, the Bank will continue to support Mega Bank C&E Foundation in handling various public welfare activities in order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.