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Organization Chart

Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) sets the Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors. The Bank sets up an Auditing Department, which is subordinated to the Board of Directors, to manage the auditing business for the Bank. The Bank also sets a Chief Auditor, whose position is equal to a Senior Executive Vice President, in charge of all auditing matters.

The Head Office includes Planning Department, Legal Compliance and the following groups: 1.Corporate Banking Business Group; 2.International Business Group;3.Financial Marktets Business Group; 4.Consumer Banking Business Group; 5.Risk Management Administration Group; 6.Information Technology Administration Group; and 7.General Administration Group.

In addition, the Head Office sets the Business Centers for business promotion and risk management.

The Legal Compliance includes Compliance Department and Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Compliance Department.

The Corporate Banking Business Group includes Corporate Banking Business Department, Business Administration Department, Foreign Exchange Business Management Department and Operation Center.

The International Business Group includes Overseas Business Planning Department and Overseas Business Management Department.

The Financial Markets Business Group includes Treasury Department and Direct Investment Department.

The Consumer Banking Business Group includes Consumer Banking Business Department, Card Department, Trust Department, and Wealth Management Department.

The Risk Management Administration Group includes Credit Control Department, Risk Management Department, Credit Analysis Department, and Overdue Loan & Control Department.

The Information Technology Administration Group includes Digital Banking Department, Data Processing & Information Department, and Information Security Department.

The General Administration Group includes Controller’s Department, Human Resources Department, General Affairs and Occupational Safety & Health Department, Legal Affairs Office, and Public Relations Office.

Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Organization Chart