Privacy Statement

Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd. (hereinafter “the Bank”) dedicated to protecting your privacy. When you use the services provided by the Bank, regarding your personal data, transaction data and other relevant data, the Bank has established strictly confidential measures, and has collected, processed, and used your personal data in accordance with the following statements, aside from the condition under any other requirements of applicable regulations or supervisory authorities.

In order for you to use the services provided by the Bank at ease, please view the Privacy statement (hereinafter “the Statement”) below. The Statement applies to all products and services provided by the Bank, including the services on the Website. The Websites which is set up under the Domain Name (i.e. and Sub Domain Name (including but not limited to,,, etc.) owned by the Bank are all fit in with the Statement. However, the external link provided by the Website is not within the applicable scope of the Statement. You shall refer to the privacy policy or relevant instructions of that external link.

Personal data collection methods and categories

For providing following products and services, the Bank shall collect your personal data:

  1. The Bank's business

    When you apply for the Bank's business, including but not limited to Deposit/Remittance, Credit Card, Foreign Exchange, Negotiable securities, Wealth Management and etc. The Bank will request your name, ID number, passport number, gender, date of birth, contact information and other information regarding relevant applications, agreements or contract or the information necessary for the fulfillment of the business.

  2. Website online activities and online survey

    When you take part in online activities or online surveys on the Website, the Bank will request your name, ID number, phone number, gender, e-mail address or other data necessary for the activity.

  3. Website services

    When you use the services on the Website, the Bank will request your name, ID number, nickname, address, email, phone number, gender or other necessary data in accordance with the service.

  4. Other system information

    The Bank will keep the records automatically generated by the server when you browse or search on the Website, including the browsed web page, the clicked link, other operations related to the Website and services, and the specific standard information transmitted from your browser to the Website, such as the IP address, the type and language of the browser, the access time period, reference web address and etc.

Time period, areas, parties and manners of using personal data

For providing following products and services, the Bank shall collect your personal data:

  1. Time period

    Within time period of specific purpose or the retention period agreed in the data retention period required by laws and regulations (e.g. Business Entity Accounting Act), or the retention period in accordance with its business needs or respective contracts (the longer period to be applied)

  2. Areas

    Any jurisdictions where the entities described in the following paragraph “Parties” are located.

  3. Parties

    The Bank provides your personal data to the following parties in accordance with the requirement of law, within the scope of the contracts or based on your consent. Without your consent, authorization or requirement of relevant laws and regulations, the Bank will not sell, exchange, or rent your personal data to other third parties.

    • The Branch and Head Office (including the service provider engaged with the Branch).
    • The institution using the information in compliance with regulations (e.g. Mega Financial Holding Company and its subsidiary).
    • The institutions in relation to relevant business (e.g. correspondent banks, Joint Credit Information Center, National Credit Card Center of R.O.C., The Taiwan Clearing House, Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., credit guarantee institutions, credit card international organizations, credit card acquirers and engaged stores).
    • Legally investigation authority (e.g. judicial authorities) or financial supervisory authority.
    • Parties agreed by you (e.g. entities for joint marketing or mutual use of customers’ data or entities working with the Bank for cooperative promotion and for soliciting business).
  4. Manners

    The personal data will be collected, processed, used, and internationally transmitted through automatic machine or non-automatic methods (e.g. via electronic documents, paper format, or other appropriate manners conform to the technology available at that time) in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Use of personal data

The purpose of the collection, processing and use of your personal data by the Bank is including but not limited to the following:

  1. Applicable laws or the requirements of supervisory authorities
  2. To transact the product or service in accordance with the personal data you provide under any related application.
  3. To improve the services provided by the Bank Website or to perform your request on the Website, including providing more effective services, avoiding repeated input of the same information, conducting surveys and analysis, displaying content and advertisements according to your interests and preferences, etc.

Restrictions of collection and use

The Bank processes personal data only for specific, explicit and legal purposes. The use of data shall be consistent with the purpose of data collection based on your consent or in accordance with any other requirements of law.

The Bank protects your personal data according to the requirements of applicable law. To protect your right and interests, you may decide whether or not to provide the related personal data. However, the Bank may not be able to provide the relevant service if you decide not to provide the data.

Rights of data subjects

You are entitled to make the requests for following rights regarding your personal data:

  1. To make an inquiry or request to review, or make duplications of your personal data, and the Bank may charge a fee where necessary.
  2. To supplement or rectify your personal data;
  3. To discontinue collection, processing or use of your personal data, or to delete your personal data. However, the Bank may reject your requests due to the necessity for the performance of its business needs or any other requirements of laws.

On the other hand, (where applicable) you are entitled to make the requests for following rights regarding your personal data in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  1. To restrict purpose of processing.
  2. To restrict automated decision-making.
  3. To request for data portability.
  4. To access data.

Before you exercise preceding rights, the Bank will take necessary procedure to confirm your identity to protect your personal data. If you would like to know more about relevant transaction methods, please refer to the instructions of "Contact Us".

Security of personal data

The Bank is devoted to protect the security of personal data and has established security management mechanism. We protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure by security technologies and procedures. The Bank stores your personal data files in computer systems with access control, which is located in well-protected facilities, encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mechanism during data transmission, and installed with firewall to prevent from illegal invasion to prevent your personal data from unauthorized access.

Also, please be aware of keeping your account and password, logging out your account after finishing using the service on the Website. If you are using a public computer, please be sure to keep in mind to close the window of the browser to prevent others from reading your information or emails.

The Bank will properly protect your personal data and avoid loss, unauthorized use, destruction, modification, reprocessing or disclosure. If it is no longer necessary to retain it, the Bank will make sure to destroy your personal data.

Use of Cookie

Please refer to Cookie Notice.

Policy for business information or emails transfer

The Bank obtains your e-mail address under the condition of preceding “Personal data collection methods and categories”. In accordance with the scope of your consent, the Bank will send you emails or financial e-news attached with some business information.

International regulation compliance

The Bank and oversea branches collect, process and use personal data in accordance with relevant international personal data regulations.

If there are other applicable international regulations with higher criteria, the Bank shall comply with the requirements and adjust relevant policy.

Amendment of the Statement

The Bank is entitled to amend and publish the Statement to respond accordingly to social environmental or business needs, revision of applicable laws and regulations, and technology development, etc. Please visit the Website of the Bank for the Statement to ensure your rights and interests.

Contact us

If you have any concerns regarding the data of the Bank and the privacy protection principles, or any questions about personal data use, please contact us at 24-hour customer service number 0800-025-168.

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