Credit Card

Credit Card

Applying for a Credit Card, and Points to Note Regarding Credit Card Use

  1. Application: A foreign national wishing to apply for a credit card must submit an income tax withholding form or other evidence of financial status, a photocopy of passport, Alien Resident Certificate, etc. in accordance with the rules of the Bank. The Bank has the right to decide whether to approve such an application at its own discretion. The application form and attached documents will not be returned, but will be kept in strict confidence. Furthermore, the Bank may demand a guarantor or additional documents if necessary.
  2. Dealing with a lost credit card: If a foreign resident loses a credit card, they can report the loss and stop payment using the card by calling Mega Bank 24-hour card loss hotline. The cardholder may also be required to pay a card loss charge; for more details, please contact Mega Bank in question.
  3. Dispute resolution, revolving credit interest rates, fees, cardholder’s rights, and preferential service: Mega Bank will notify the applicant regarding these matters in writing or by e-mail; for more information, please contact Mega Bank in question.

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  1. 申請:外籍人士需準備薪資扣繳憑單或其他財力證明、護照影本、有效居留證影本等文件,並依照本行規定申請信用卡。本行保留申請核准與否的權利,申請書及所附文件恕不退還,本行對申請書內容絕對保密,並視需要得要求增加保證人或其他證明文件。
  2. 遺失處理:信用卡遺失時,可利用本行24小時信用卡掛失或服務專線辦理,並依規定繳交掛失費用,詳情請洽本行。
  3. 爭議帳款處理、循環信用利率、各項費用收取、權益及優惠服務:本行將以書面或電子文件告知申請人,詳情請洽本行。